Interior design is a growing industry all over India, but they are more commonly found in certain areas. After researching city-wide design services (based on 170 studios), here’s a number of design services provided in each area:

Ahmedabad (57), Bangalore (20), Chennai (0), Cochin (100), Coimbatore (0), Delhi (32), Goa (50), Gurgaon (10), Hyderabad (0), Mumbai (21), Pondicherry (0), Pune (48), Jamshedpur (0), Lucknow (0), Rajkot (50), Surat (100), Vijayawada (100), Noida (0).

Research conducted by the CII stated that there were 36387 Indian designers who took part in their study. Out of these designers, 10.17% of them were involved with interior design, landscaping or furniture design. Considering multiple types of design were included in the study (for example industrial, automotive, fashion and graphics to name a few), this percentage shows how the industry is on the rise.

This shows us that although interior design is growing in popularity across India, it is still more concentrated in urban areas.

Interior design can be a versatile job. Some designers choose to work for themselves as freelancers or start their own businesses. Others prefer to be employed by another company such as a design studio.

The CII found that out of the data they collected, 1% were independent, 11% were employed and 87% were unknown – which suggests they may be working on their own terms rather than in-house.

The most commonly provided services are:

  • Set design.
  • Furniture design.
  • Interior designs for homes and offices.
  • Accessories and furnishings.
  • Landscaping.
  • Retail space design.

The CII attributes the growth of interior design to the growth of the Indian real estate industry, a growing population, rising income levels and urbanization. All of these point to more people living in more homes – which of course they’ll want to decorate and follow the latest design trends as they express their personalities and make their homes their own.

From looking at these statistics, we can see that interior design certainly isn’t a small niche. It’s a big industry that’s growing more by the day, and should be respected as a major player in the design world.

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